Over 10 years ago, Nia hit what she thought was her rock bottom. As she was getting ready for her first-ever live show, she received the most devastating news of her life. She had been preparing for this moment for months. She worked really hard on the show, which she also had written, directed and performed. Just one day before her brave debut, she woke up to find that her phone was blowing up. Her partner had tragically died of an accidental overdose of prescription pills. Nia’s heart broke into a thousand pieces. She was blinded by grief, and thought about canceling her big show.

However, this wasn’t what he would have wanted her to do, and she knew that. As she cried backstage as the audience waited, Nia’s godmother came to her dressing room. Nia begged her to tell her what to do. Her advice was simple: “Use it, Nia.”…and she did. Nia got on stage and became 5 different characters. Suddenly, she forgot about her pain and was transformed into the depths of each one of the characters she played. It was like magic. She felt different, she looked different, and she acted different as the audience was given spiritual solutions to their problems.

The same moment that brought Nia to her knees, showed her a path to stand back up and transform instantly, Nia realized the power of this process, and its ability to help her handle any situation and achieve her desired outcome. She knew she couldn’t keep this life-transforming secret to herself, so she started Improvatude Inc. The vision was to offer methods to help others create their own characters to get through life’s challenges.

Improvatude: the act of being the character you need to be in order to create what you truly desire in your life.

Improvatude Inc. is a company based on improving people’s wellbeing all through the magic of characters and stories, with relatable and authentic methods.