Nia Orms




Nia Orms (widely known as “The Ambassador of Real People”) is a passionate Inspirational Entertainer with over a decade of extensive expertise in delivering humorous and touching insights into human nature. Born in the heart of New York City, her love of entertaining and expressing her innermost self began early on and has stayed with her to this day. From the age of five, she would escape New York City to a Pennsylvania farm with her father to meditate on the weekends. The experience eventually influenced Nia to creatively bridge lofty ideals of the spiritual world with the street-smart philosophies of New York City-the ultimate melting pot of everything and everyone! Therefore, it became natural for Nia’s audiences to consist of a wide range of cultures and demographics.

Throughout her creative career, Nia has received notable acclaim for her many achievements, including the NAACP Award for Best Actress for her one woman show (directed by Oz Scott) called “Please Take a Number” and being featured alongside top talent like Angela Bassett on a Top Ten Best Actresses Review Plays list. 

Nia is the President of Improvatude Inc. where she's on a mission to reinvent self-help by guiding others via the healing power of comedy. 

Improvatude: /im-prah-vah-toode/


A way of feeling about your life working out for you no matter how bad it seems. Instead of worry, you choose intuition, faith, and laughter to guide you towards your beautiful life and desires. 

The passion for being a catalyst for a more intuition driven version of personal development was fueled by fans that constantly asked Nia for advice after her shows. Nia’s fans connect to her characters ambitions and faith despite the chaos that life presents.  Through her various innovative methods, Nia works on awakening others to their inner voice and reminding them that not only are they already enough, but within them lies limitless potential that they simply need to let escape into the open. This one of a kind technique is not only being presented on stage but is also being used in Nia's mental health and drug rehab consulting work.

Her take on the healing power of laughter drives home Improvatude’s golden philosophy of unexpected joy but Nia says, “this is not for everyone. There are no long seminars or boring meditations. This is not going to feel like work. It’s not work. Improvatude is fun.”

With an unbridled desire to inspire, Nia Orms is dedicated to providing affordable, comical, and fun ways to improve the life of others. Her live shows, writing, and products are spreading the word of Improvatude like wildfire.